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Exhaust systems are having to meet increasingly strict demands. Noise-limiting measures are being tightened. What is more, governments are setting new standards for the emission of contaminating gases. Discom's specialist knowledge as regards the integration of different techniques and technologies is invaluable to anyone who wants to reuse heat from exhaust gases. Our focus on innovation enables us to meet the demands of today and tomorrow and to add value to any assignment, no matter what the size. The added value of the Discom Effect.

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15 March 2018 - Adjusted office hours

On Friday, March 16th, we will pay our final respects to our director Rob de Haan. To give our employees the opportunity to attend, the company will close at 12.00 PM. All of our staff will not be able to answer any calls (also on mobile phones). Read more  ‣


If you want to expand your boundries in technology and your own personal development, you have found your match. The working climate is informal, the mentality motivating. Ever thought of adding the 'Discom Effect' to your career?

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