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The Discom Energy Effect

Discom has a key role in the complex energy generating process. Thanks to our long experience we have the right system for any advanced technical installation...

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Ilya Sundukov
Ilya Sundukov Accountmanager CIS Ilya Sundukov LinkedIn Linkedin Ilya.sundukov@discom.eu

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Werner van Well
Werner van Well Accountmanager Werner van Well LinkedIn Linkedin Werner.vanwell@discom.eu

Specialists in the energy market

Systems which guarantee power supplies have to fulfil a wide range of requirements. What is more, as regards the traditional demands made on noise production, you increasingly have to deal with restrictions on gas emissions. Discom is a specialist in all aspects of exhaust systems and the energy market is one of our key fields of work. We develop tailormade systems for power plants, temporary and emergency power systems and combined heat and power installations. It may be that a power plant with a capacity of many megawatts has to fulfil a complex package of requirements and standards, or that you are looking for an efficient solution for a mobile generator set. In both cases, Discom can advise and produce in a tailormade fashion, taking account of specific circumstances and special standards. The solution can range from a simple maximum efficiency silencer to a complete exhaust system, from motor to flue.

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Solutions for noise, emission and heat

Reusing Heat
Reusing Heat - The hot exhaust gasses produced by combustion engines contain much energy some of which can be reused. Discom offers the possibility to indeed reuse this energy. To this purpose Discom provides the exhaust system with a heat exchanger. For instance, it can be used for heating radiators.
Thermal insulation - Three main reasons exist for insulating the exhaust systems of combustion engines. 1) Reduced heat radiation, 2) more safety by shielding off the hot parts and 3) reduced loss of heat for new use. For these situations you can count on Discom to provide appropriate solutions and support to help you make the right choice; whether insulation mattresses are involved or insulation protected with special sheeting. All components are delivered after they have been fully insulated.
Thermal insulation
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems - Despite the space problems in the generator set, Discom is perfectly capable of designing ‘dry’ exhaust systems that will meet your requirements. We design and manufacture ‘dry’ silencers in different shapes. In doing so we guarantee optimal use of volume and good acoustic results while respecting the maximum permissible back pressure in the exhaust system. In most cases we provide an integrated and certified spark arrestor.
CO2 fertilisation - Today Discom also provides complete exhaust gas systems for total energy plants and special systems intended for greenhouse cultivation. Using state of the art flue gas cooling and purification systems we process the exhaust gas systems of the gas engine to such extent, making sure they can be reused for stimulating crop growth in the greenhouse. A special control unit is responsible for protecting the composition of the exhaust gas, which means reliable and pure fertilisation is guaranteed.
CO2 fertilisation
Exhaust gas follow up treatment
Exhaust gas follow up treatment - In our ever busier society more and more attention is being paid to exhaust emissions; removing diesel smell and soot and reducing NOx. Applying oxidation catalysts, soot filters and SCR systems allows Discom to realise considerable environmental advantages in new and existing engines. Usually a custommade solution is required bearing sound, back pressure and vibrations in mind.