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Discom has a key role in tackling many industrial installations and transportation systems. We have spent the past 35 years providing solutions for exhaust gas systems...

Different solutions for different industries

Noise pollution is a problem in many branches of industry. In addition, companies are having to comply with more and more legislation designed to regulate the emission of harmful substances. Discom is and ideal partner in such situations. A partner with a unique specialism. Our broad knowledge and more than thirty years of experience means we are able to answer any queries you may have as regards noise limitation and emission reduction. Discom systems also feature in a number of industrial sectors, in compressors, locomotives, oil & gas, pumping plants and various types of rolling stock. The Discom Effect is the constant factor in that multitude of industries, and the perfect answer to whatever question you have!

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Solutions for noise, emission and heat

Reusing heat
Reusing heat -  Hot engine exhaust gasses contain much energy, some of which can be reused. Discom offers the possibility to indeed reuse this energy, providing the exhaust system with a heat exchanger. For instance, this energy can be used for heating purposes, or to produce steam.
Water­injected exhaust systems - The main advantages of waterinjected systems are the following: easily select the position of the exhaust pipe, economise on insulation, reduce fuel gas nuisance onboard and reduce visibility on infrared devices. Designing this system can be rather challenging, because the combination of exhaust gas and water inside an exhaust system is dangerous. Discom has long experience with this matter and is perfectly in control. 
Water­injected exhaust systems
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems - Despite the space problems in the engine rooms, Discom is perfectly capable of designing ‘dry’ exhaust systems that will meet each and every requirement. We design and manufacture ‘dry’ silencers in different shapes. In doing so we guarantee optimal use of volume and good acoustic results while respecting the maximum permissible back pressure in the exhaust system. In most cases we provide an integrated and certified spark arrestor.
Sound­proof encasing/protection - The offshore industry pays little attention to the relatively high sound levels in pumping areas, engine spaces and areas such as the shaker house and doghouse. Discom designs, manufactures and installs soundproof facilities in order to protect the environment and staff from these sound sources. That is how the living conditions onboard of these installations have improved significantly.
Sound­proof encasing/protection
Exhaust gas follow­up treatment
Exhaust gas follow­up treatment - In order to minimise the environmental burden, increasingly more attention is paid to exhaust emissions; removing diesel smells and soot and reducing NOx. Applying oxidation catalysts, soot filters and SCR systems allows Discom to ensure considerable environmental advantages in new and existing engines. Usually a custommade solution is required bearing sound, back pressure and vibrations in mind.