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The Discom Maritime Effect

As a designer, builder or shipowner you are perfectly familiar with the significance of reliability and safety at sea. These are the characteristics that typify Discom...

All round in the entire maritime sector

Our expertise in complete exhaust systems for the commercial shipping sector (inland shipping and seagoing vessels) and navy ships has been built up over three decades. Not only should you expect Discom to provide clear advice on how to keep noise and vibrations in line with the prevailing standards, but also to advise and assist with regulating the emission of exhaust gases. That combination of expertise means you can leave all the aspects of the exhaust system in the hands of a single specialist. This guarantees optimal integration of inlet silencer, exhaust silencer, spark arrestors and mounting elements. We are specialists in both dry and 'wet' (water injected) exhaust systems. We also have a reputation of being a supplier with a keen eye for innovative techniques which increase performance or efficiency. Our own activities in the field of research and development help to create systems able to fulfil any demand.

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Solutions for noise, emission and heat

Reusing heat
Reusing heat -  The hot exhaust gasses produced by ship engines contain much energy some of which can be reused. Discom provides the possibility to indeed reuse this energy. To this purpose we provide the exhaust system with a heat exchanger. For instance, this energy can be used to improve the output of your entire system or for processing purposes
Vibration free suspension -  A properly designed vibrationfree suspension for an exhaust system means a serious contribution to having a comfortable ship. A good vibrationfree suspension not only ensures a more pleasant state of mind, but also a longer life of the system. Discom’s engineers will always provide a suitable solution.
Vibration free suspension
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems
‘Dry’ exhaust gas systems - Despite the space problems in the engine rooms, Discom is perfectly capable of designing a ‘dry’ exhaust system that will meet each and every requirement. We design and manufacture ‘dry’ silencers in different shapes. In doing so we guarantee optimal use of volume and good acoustic results while respecting the maximum permissible back pressure in the exhaust system. In most cases we provide an integrated and certified spark arrestor.
Waterinjected exhaust systems -  The main advantages of (sea)water injected systems are the following: cooled exhaust gasses which means thermal insulation is not required, more compact building options, less flue gas nuisance and, for marine vessels in particular, reduced visibility on infrared devices. The design of (sea)water injected exhaust systems requires extensive knowledge of and experience with this technology and the materials involved. Discom, given its long experience, guarantees reliable solutions.
Waterinjected exhaust systems
Exhaust gas followup treatment
Exhaust gas followup treatment -  Due to the maritime sector’s sustainable image, increasingly more attention is being paid to exhaust emissions; removing diesel smell and soot and reducing NOx. Applying oxidation catalysts, soot filters and SCR systems allows Discom to ensure considerable environmental advantages in new and existing engines. Usually a custommade solution is required bearing sound, back pressure and vibrations in mind.