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Global Switch' Power Generation Project

Global Switch' Power Generation Project A good example of a Discom project are the exhaust systems the company designed, produced and installed for a leading internet provider in Amsterdam. There, a total of six complete exhaust systems were implemented which are optimally attuned to Wartsila diesel-driven generators. Each of these generators produces an electrical capacity of no less than 4,634 kVA @ 1500 r/min. In the event of a malfunction in the main network, an immediate switch has to be possible to the back-up installation which is then used to generate the required power supply for all the Internet facilities. That is why such extremely high demands are made on the system’s reliability.
Discom B.V. designed special Resonance / Absorption silencers for this high-quality application. Each of these silencers has a NB300 double inlet and a NB 600 outlet. The silencers are also fitted with a spark arrestor and exterior insulation covered with aluminium stucco cladding for a nice finish.
In addition to supplying the silencers, Discom B.V. also supplied and fitted the stainless steel compensators, vibration-free suspension points and double-walled outlet channels with roof ducts and special extraction bends.
A project manager was appointed to coordinate the project which was completed in collaboration with the members of the project team and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Each of the exhaust systems have in fact demonstrated that they do not exceed the prescribed noise level of 75 dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre and at an angle of 90° to the exhaust gas flow. This is yet another example of how Discom B.V. can be fully entrusted with the delivery and installation of a complete exhaust system, from engine flange to flue.

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