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The Balder Project

The Balder Project One project involves the modification by Discom B.V. of six exhaust systems on board the ‘Balder’ drilling platform. This platform is set up as a crane installation and is used to lay pipelines on the seabed. The project involved the supply of MAK 9M32 type engines, each of which has a capacity of 4320 kW and which are used to position the platform. The exhaust fumes from these diesel engines blow into the deck and cause health problems among the workers.
Discom is going to tackle this problem in two stages:
First of all, a so-called Oxidation Catalytic Converter is going to be used to convert the poisonous elements in the exhaust gas (CO, CxHy and CxHyO) into the non-hazardous substances of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

The second stage involves the cooling of the exhaust fumes using a specially developed seawater injection section. The components from which this injection section is constructed have been manufactured from very high quality stainless steel sorts which are resistant to the corrosive mixture of diesel exhaust fumes in combination with salty seawater.
This is one of Discom’s specialities and one that is also used in the luxury yacht sector under the name MarQuip BV. Cooling the gases causes them to be directed towards the surface of the sea, thereby preventing them from blowing up onto the deck.

Of course, this total solution is implemented with due regard for the permitted counterpressure indicated by the engine manufacturer. Discom also designs and supplies the other components required for the total conversion such as adaptors, flanged segment bends, supports, foundation plates, flexible suspension points, compensators and insulation. Having Discom B.V. as a single point of contact makes things even more convenient for the customer.

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