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The Vyborg project

The Vyborg project This project came about through cooperation between JSC Zeppelin Russia and Discom B.V. Discom B.V. supplies exhaust gassilencers to Zeppelin Russia and also supports Zeppelin Russia with the engineering and development of an ideal exhaust system based on:
• the maximum space available
• noise requirements and permissible counterpressure
• regulations relating to spark arrestors and RMRS certification
• materials applied in relation to application and temperature
• simple assembly
• logistical services (Seattle delivery)
The challenge presented by this project was to achieve a maximum counterpressure in combination with a spark arrestor and an intermediate silencing of 35 dB(A).
Our engineers selected an MAF 35-1-NB750-SP1 type silencer. This silencer is constructed almost entirely from standard components. As a result, Discom B.V. was able to keep the customer’s cost price attractively low. This silencer includes a ‘C’ type spark arrestor. This is a centrifugal spark arrestor which has undergone an extensive test and has a type approval from all the usual certifying bodies, including Germanischer Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, Russian River Register, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and ATEX.
The support points for this silencer were designed by Discom B.V. with particular attention being paid to the fitting options.
Discom B.V. can also advise on the application of vibration absorbers and, if desired, perform strength calculations on the supporting points.

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