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What can you expect the Discom vision to be?

Many business people have to deal with standards and legislation in the context of their daily operations. Discom's aim is to relieve you of the worry of whether or not you are fulfilling the guidelines. You can always expect us to provide a reliable answer to even the most complex technical questions. The fact that rules and technological developments are always changing means we too, as an exhaust systems specialist, are constantly developing and updating. Our intensive research and development programme is aimed at maintaining and increasing the lead we have.

Candid, active, distinctive and ambitious

Our relationship with customers is based on four core values: candid, active, distinctive and ambitious. The sum of those values creates the basis for long-term relationships, with customers being able to count on the best solutions and the best service. At a number of locations in Europe, our dedicated employees use modern production techniques to develop the systems of tomorrow, while also taking our own responsibility as regards compliance with environmental legislation.